With the need for solutions to cope with the growing elderly population, we introduce to you Sensoria - your quality solution to reliable fall detection and behaviour monitoring. Our unique technology makes it possible for Sensoria to provide reliable people monitoring with no required user intervention whilst respecting the privacy and independence of the individual as well as saving caregivers time.




The future is bright with Sensoria

By monitoring and recording long term behaviour, this data can provide valuable inputs for prevention and service optimization on a micro  and macro scale such as sleep quality monitoring and improvement; mobility analysis over a period of time and cooking pattern monitoring.


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Hung up high on the wall, easy to install. No interaction with it required, cannot be tampered with, very indiscreet.

The Sensolid Andriod app can be installed on the smart phones of the caregivers.

All information is displayed 24/7 on a large screen. Here all alarms, warnings and other useful information is displayed