Sensolid was established in 2012 under the name of IC Realisations. During this time we were developing technology in the field of fall detection and in 2015 Sensolid was formed to be able to focus full-time on 3D thermography. Through personal experience, it was found that the problems of reliable fall detection was proving to be a challenge within elderly homes. Family members had been left on the floor -after a fall- for hours at a time not being detected or able to help themselves and so to solve this problem it therefore became our main aim to ensure the follow-up and protection of (older) people. Where traditional technologies use cameras, temperature mapping or T.O.F only (with much inaccuracy), the patented 3D thermography of Sensolid uniquely combines 2 new and powerful technologies so that with this combination, reliable fall-detection and people-tracking is now possible.

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